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14c wiggle match dating

These variations resulted in unequal distributions of European-derived goods within and among Iroquoian communities (see the Supplementary Materials), including the outright rejection of European goods and influences [(), vol. 15–22], rendering such trade good chronologies suspect as region-wide, generalized criteria and frameworks.

Contemporary perspectives on contact in the 16th and early 17th centuries recognize that there were different modes of participation in, and access to, trade networks ().We investigate the timing of these sites via C) dates obtained on organic samples from the Warminster, Draper, Spang, and Mantle sites to test and investigate the assumed chronology and derived history (see the Supplementary Materials).We obtained samples from each site and use 86 C dates to achieve independent dating versus the use of assumptions built around trade and cultural traits (tables S1 and S2 and figs. We focus on short-lived plant remains with direct archeological associations that will provide ages contemporary with use and employ dates on wood charcoal samples to provide terminus post quem (TPQ) constraint information.The revised time frame dramatically rewrites 16th-century contact-era history in this region.Key processes of violent conflict, community coalescence, and the introduction of European goods all happened much later and more rapidly than previously assumed.

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Such studies invariably identify complicated histories of differences both within (e.g., variability among lineages and by rank) and among indigenous communities (C) have repeatedly challenged the assumptions of relative chronologies built on expectations about normative chronological distribution patterns and often scarce and nonrepresentative data from trade and cultural exchange ().

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