4chan dating sim

Posted by / 19-Mar-2020 17:05

Referred to as a “Brony dating sim,” the game would let adult fans of the magical pony world date, seduce, and do who knows what else with a wide variety of beautifully drawn ponies.In the time since our announcement a number of serious allegations have been thrown at the makers of Dark Skyes, with various elements of the web calling the whole thing a joke or a scam.Conclusion: This could just as easily be someone over promising as much as it could be a scam.Not necessarily a red flag that it’s a scam, but you should be concerned that so much is being promised for so little.Information on how these elements work together to form a cohesive game would be nice, but are nowhere to be found.Conclusion: Again, it could be an incompetent designer, someone that doesn’t know how to write a Kickstarter pitch, or a particularly lazy and inept scammer.The developers did post an update stating that they recognize the audio quality was bad, and that they plan on recording everything professionally.

Also, the selection menu to make choices doesn’t pop up very often.Development began when Japanese Doujinshi artist Raita Honjou made some sketches in January 2007 on 4Chan’s imageboard.A group made of members from around the world then came together and worked on creating the game, which wasn’t released until January 4, 2012.It’s there that he meets five young women with a variety of disabilities ranging from burn scars, amputations, and the inability to hear.was released by 4 Leaf Studios, named after the 4Chan logo.

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