Adult dating in wood south dakota

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She tries to act like she’s innocent, saying that all the guys all her friends, but she tries to steal men and try to share men interest to grade people on Facebook trying to act like she’s innocent when she is a sleazy, ugly, fat cow. She tries to play innocent but she tries is still men like crazy and she don’t give a damn she’s a nasty piece of trash.

I met her some time ago and she was dating someone, which i respected, and told her that we couldnt do anything unless she was single.

He hangs out at dope houses and screws any desperate ho he finds from any of his dating profiles or the bars in town. He’s threatened to ‘ look for candidates’ to satisfy his ” needs” when he can barely get a ‘stiff one’.

Just know if you’re messing with him he’s probably cheating on someone LOL he’s a druggie, a cheater, he bounces from female to female and can’t even give his daughters a good male role model. He has serious issues with his health and yet drinks and snorts drugs and won’t properly care for himself. I also assume she doesn’t care about her own family. She’s the type of female who gives other females a bad name Taylor Davis-Bohr has not only tried to break up my family that I made, but come to find out she has broken up families to get with the male of the house at least twice before.

The police and her family are involved now – charges may be pending. So I started asking around town seeing if anyone knew her and found out she’s already broke up two other families.

Ladies – STAY AWAY from abusive, cheating men like this that do not treat women well at all. This little slut worked with my husband at Cigna Tel Drug and Crystal Mc Cormick screwed her way to the top all the way to screwing the managers.

She’s a miserable bar slore that screws anything with a d***.

I am unable to get into contact with her boyfriend, so joshua, if you see this, i am so sorry about everything.Their mama has been in a stable relationship for years while he moves through pussy more than someone half his age. He also beat his girlfriend AMB a few times, chased her twice with a white Chevy truck, and shot her several times with a bb gun causing serious injuries. I feel sorry for anyone who has to endure the pain she’s put them through. But I’m All reality she’s seeking out this type of thing. After I found out she was messing around with my husband “which she knew I’m married to him,” I messaged her and she said hoe.She’s been caring for him also as his ‘nurse’ since July. Even after the affair is over, she continues to try to start drama and trouble. She’s so sorry and then proceeded to act innocent and how it won’t happen again… Come to find out she continued to try to talk to him and get together with my husband.Chris has been a lying cheating dog for years and strings all of these dumb girls around.He’s married has 3 grown daughters, a 9 year old daughter and a baby. hanging more than twice while he went out got drunk and high and came home smelling like p**$y – like he just ”got him some”.

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We would talk about how we would be together forever, and how her and i would take on the world together. Then i saw that she was still talking to the guy that “raped” her.

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