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Alex scally dating

But when, for example, with other people, each song has its own meaning to someone.Each song has its own story, each song has its own emotion.

I think Beyonce has a lot of power over what she does. Not because I'm afraid of it, but my personal temperament prefers collaboration. We probably will do commercials, it just depends on what it is, and I think we're just very careful about it.

I think young female artists who have a certain look, but don't necessarily have much artistry, [it's like] she's a shell; she shouldn't really be a really role model. I think both are empowering; not one is better than the other. It's not just saying, "Beach House is anti-everything," it's "Beach House is very thoughtful." We care very much about our fan base. We choose to keep our identity through our music, the art we make, the shows we have, the intimate experiences. It's very useful, but knowing the good parts about it and using it in a healthy way... We will do commercials--people shouldn't be disappointed -- but we'll be thinking a lot about it.

I don't think that girls in bands should just be limited to being the bass player, where you're just limited to stand on stage. I have dresses, I wear them, I love them -- but artistically, the music is first, so whatever is distracting from that can't be part of it. It's not based on fear, it's based on what I like to see. You can even say, like, the less you see, the more you feel. I'm definitely not trying to sell sex, but I do think that no matter what, you can still be sexy. We're trying to protect what we make, and we're very respectful and sensitive towards our fans, and we don't want to jeopardize that. We're not that desperate, is the best way to say it.

Beach House duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand might be the darlings of the indie rock world, but they enter that realm unconsciously and perhaps a little unwillingly. Tracks like "On The Sea" offer a hazy reverb that casts the listener off like a piece of driftwood into a vast unknown, and opening track "Myth" spreads gloriously with the aid of Legrand's expansive vocals.

is altogether just that: a slow-motion unfolding of soft sonic petals, as fragile and dainty as a brand new rosebud, sad and lonely -- even in its loveliness.

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Something that I feel, let's say, lyrically, or words that come out, has to do with the memory. The end result -- what you feel when you hear this song -- is something that we don't have any say over, and I think that it's hard to narrow it down.

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