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Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed legislation requiring colleges in the state to adopt sexual assault policies that shifted the burden of proof in campus sexual assault cases from those accusing to the accused.Consent is now "an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity." The consent has to be "ongoing" throughout any sexual encounter.On California campuses, consent is no longer a matter of not struggling or not saying no.If the student initiating the sexual encounter doesn’t receive an enthusiastic “yes,” either verbally or physically, then there is no consent.

When the sexual assault prevention group Culture of Respect attended the Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault in July to promote its forthcoming website, the group went by a different name."There's quite a surge in support of a 'Yes means yes' formula," said Ada Meloy, general counsel for the American Council on Education."It's certainly an ongoing movement, and is likely to be a generally positive thing.The group even owns the trademark in Canada, wielding it to stop the production of clothing and other merchandise that make light of the phrase (like a 2007 t-shirt that said "NO means have a NOther drink").The same year the campaign was launched, the Canadian government adopted affirmative consent as the country's legal standard, making "No means no" just a slogan, not a binding definition of consent.

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” To be fair, the affirmative consent rules were the target of widespread ridicule, with “Saturday Night Live” mocking Antioch College, one of the early adapters of the rules, in a skit called “Is It Date Rape?

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