Assyrian dating

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Assyrian dating

If she approves, her general survey information will be offered to the potential match male in return, and so on for the following levels of personal information. The Assyrian Match Maker survey consists of around 150 questions having to do with basic information to more intimate topics.

We wanted to provide a source where singles of ANY Assyrian descent would be able to easily and safely search for other Assyrians from around the world.

If all goes well, and both members agree, then we’ll get you and your match in contact with each other…and you all take it from there! If you don't like your match, just tell us and we’ll find you another match.

We’ll even let the old matches down nicely for you and work with you to find another new great match.

There are no online profile pages or pictures available to the public.

Assyrian Match Makers and any potential matches you choose are the only ones that will ever see your profiles or pictures. We let female clients have the first pick of potential male matches.

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They’re not super onboard but they’re a little more supportive and are interested in learning more about Hindu and Indian traditions! I’d say just end it man, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.