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It should be the full path of your server log file (You can also use a relative path from your directory, but a full path avoids errors). - Set the Site Domain parameter to the main domain name or the intranet web server name used to reach the web site to analyze (Example:

If you have several possible names for same site, use the main domain name and add the others to the list in the Host Alias parameter.

- Change the Log Type value to "W" for analyzing web log files.

- Change the Log Format to 2 if you are using the "Extended W3C log format" described in step 1; in the case of a custom format, list the IIS fields being logged, for example: Log Format="date time c-ip cs-username cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query sc-status sc-bytes cs-version cs(User-Agent) cs(Referer)" - Change the Dir Icons parameter to reflect relative path of icon directory.

B) Setup for Microsoft's IIS server Configure IIS to create logs in the "Extended W3C log format" (You can still use your own custom log format but setup is easier if you use the standard extended format).

To do so, start the IIS management console snap-in, select the appropriate web site and open its To be sure the log format change is effective, you must stop IIS, backup it up (if you desire) and remove all of the old log files, restart IIS and go to your homepage.

B) awstats_will then add, if not already present, the following directives to your Apache configuration file (note that the "/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot" path might differ according to your distribution or OS: # # Directives to add to your Apache conf file to allow use of AWStats as a CGI.

# Note that path "/usr/local/awstats/" must reflect your AWStats Installation path.

- Set the Allow To Update Stats From Browser parameter to 1 if you don't have command line access and have only cgi access.(if you use a package provided with a Linux distribution or Windows installer, step 1 might have already been done; if you don't know, you can run this step again) After downloading and extracting the AWStats package, you should run the awstats_script to do several setup actions.You will find it in the AWStats tools directory (If using the Windows installer, the script is automatically launched): A) awstats_tries to determine your current log format from your Apache web server configuration file (it asks for the path if not found).Jumped lines in file: 0 Parsed lines in file: 225730 Found 122 dropped records, Found 87 corrupted records, Found 0 old records, Found 225521 new qualified records.Dropped records are records discarded because they were not "user HTTP requests" or were requests matching AWStats filters (See the Skip Hosts, Skip User Agents, Skip Files, Only Hosts, Only User Agents and Only Files parameters).

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