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Baltic women usually expect the guy to settle the bills although if you are in a serious relationship this is not so important today.

If true love is there the language barrier has never been a problem for any couple to get over and with todays modern translation tools such as Google translate it is fairly easy to have some basic conversation even if your Baltic lady has no English ability.

Some of the most beautiful women in the world I’ve seen have been from Lithuania.

Latvian women do better than Estonian women, who have adopted some of the Scandinavian style of head shaving (Finland is just a ferry ride away).

If you find yourself dating a Baltic women for marriage your not going to be disappointed , these women just ooze with femininity and style and certainly know how to dress to kill but at the same time remain stylish and sexy.

If you looking for stunning women for marriage you certainly will not be disappointed when it comes to these Baltic ladies seeking marriage.

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Latvia is also considered a top country to meet a beautiful Baltic bride and with Russia just on the border you will find Latvian women are very similar to Russian women in personality and style, just walk up any street in Riga and you will be amazed at the beauty of these women.troublesome so the Baltic countries are an obvious alternative.

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