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Bolivia dating customs

Since the empowerment of women in government in Bolivia, more than 200 organizations that fall under the umbrella of the Coordinadora de la Mujer have been started.

These organizations are involved in policy change and law making.

Since men are generally more educated than women, especially among the indigenous population, the high illiteracy rate make it difficult for women to learn the dominant language Spanish which disables them to participate in the labor market.

In the 19th century, the 1830 civil code of Bolivia oversaw women's rights in the country.

On election ballots, female and male names must be alternated in order.

An attempt was made by Elizabeth Salguero, who chaired the Commission on Human Rights, to pass a law protecting women from political violence based on gender, but the law was not passed.

Another reason was that there was another responsibility placed on the women besides taking care of their families.

The Civil Code of 1976 gave women some rights in a family code.

That code also gave all Bolivians personal liberty.

Today, the Bolivian government acknowledges that laws protecting women are not enough.

Poor publicizing of the laws is credited with this problem, causing lawyers to not use the laws in court.

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