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."If you don't [develop the characters], then you're just left with a bunch of physical action that's disconnected from character," executive producer Jonathan Hensleigh, who conceived the original story and also co-wrote 's screenplay with J. Similarly, Affleck had to be believable as roughneck A. Frost, who both works for Harry and—much to the boss' dismay—is in love with his daughter, Grace (Tyler).

It's been 20 years since the Michael Bay-directed film hit theaters and, despite the countless websites devoted to debunking the scientific accuracy of the plot, its shelf life endures thanks primarily to it being what Hensleigh calls a "character-based action picture."For , this meant establishing Willis as Harry Stamper, the blue-collar master oil driller handpicked by NASA to bore a hole in an asteroid so that they can plant a bomb and blow it up from within in order to save the world.

"In fact," says Hensleigh, "when I did the first draft, I had Bruce in mind more than anything because I'd come off working with him premiered.

It was the scene in which Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck and the dude from on the gym TV and they began crying at the gym, on the elliptical trainer! What I’m saying is that I have first hand experience with the ways that movies can have very different effects on people.

And while I do not share any of my friend’s borderline-comical emotional reactions to what is ultimately an entirely cliched and ridiculous action movie, it is true that is about how an asteroid the size of Texas is going to hit the Earth, because before 9/11 that is the kind of thing that made us scared.

, which happened to star her fiancé at the time, Emilio Estevez. RELATED: Britney Spears's 55-Hour Husband Wishes He Hadn't Been a "Nice Guy"The Breakup: Throughout their relationship, Willis and Moore were constantly hitting back at tabloid speculation that they were heading toward divorce.

She and Bruce wed in Vegas four months after their initial introduction. Creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, in 1993 Demi told that the media “won’t stop until one day they may be right.” In the summer of 1998, after nearly 11 years of marriage, the tabloids won and the high-profile couple announced their separation.

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