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So hit play on the tracks below and enjoy a little throwback Valentine moment!

10 female contestants -- all of them tired of city life -- vie for the attention of a bachelor farmer who is looking to settle down with the right woman.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to look back at your amazing relationship while listening to a wicked nostalgic playlist!

We time traveled back to the ’90s and created a playlist with the 20 best love songs from that decade, which has a little bit of everything for everyone: Mariah Carey, Savage Garden, Foo Fighters and Oasis!

(Your wedding doesn't get any more country than that, unless you're Jesse Metcalfe starring in Hallmark Channel's A Country Wedding, that is.)A few years later, Fairchild and Westbrook gave birth to the littlest new addition to Little Big Town. If that kid doesn't have an amazing voice or a knack for the guitar when he grows up, there just isn't any justice in the world.

Their marriage has, of course, been a major part of Little Big Town's act. They even shared a duet in the music video for the band's 2013 single "Your Side of the Bed," which was so steamy, it made this rather depressing song about a crumbling relationship seem like a love ballad.

THE FARMER WANTS A WIFE is the reality version of GREEN ACRES(for those you may not remember this classic rural comedy show from the mid-1960's that starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor)with a hint of several shows added in for measure...


This is a matchmaking reality show where some big city Hollywood hopefuls compete to become the wife for a mid-American farmer.

But, long before the band, which also includes members Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet, started churning out hits like "Pontoon," "Girl Crush," and "Day Drinking," Fairchild and Westbrook were strictly bandmates when the group formed back in 1998.

In fact, Fairchild was at first married to someone else.

She eventually divorced her husband before becoming romantically involved with Westbrook.

This is how the two finally fell for each other, according to an interview with Westbrook in 2013:“I think there was always something underlying there that we were trying to ignore...

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