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It means, practically, to find ways to talk to the girl with whom you are interested. (And trust me: the temptation to yield to passivity in this area is a tendency you will have to fight in marriage as well.) But intentionality must characterize our conduct during the entire relationship, not just the beginning.

If you are detached from the local church, you will soon be spiritually adrift and taking your girlfriend with you.

While not as controversial as it once was (as far as I can tell), the question of whether Christians should “date” or “court” is still a hot topic within the larger Church.

I do not intend to enter that debate directly here.

Rather, I want to lay down a few vital biblical principles to help you to think carefully about romantic relationships, regardless of whether you think dating or courting best facilitates the implementation of these principles.

I will discuss these principles in a series of posts.

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