Christmas dating sim

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Christmas dating sim

On a personal level, I feel I matured a lot during the year.

If I had to sum all things up, in my personal ’09 was mostly a year of farewells. I feel those were things that needed to be done and sometimes leaving one thing behind can open you to new possibilities.

^^; There has been progress though, especially with – surprisingly – Rena.It’ll just take time and energy that could be used on better things, such as making art for Rena. ;) Architecture is a pain.) Unless someone really yearns to see it, I’ll focus on something that deserves more time. Now that all the exams and so on are done and have been returned to us, the amount of my inspiration is I’ve been so horribly busy and stressed for some time (six exams in six days hurts), so I haven’t been able to write – neither Tera Mura or this blog. ^^; I’m sorry for not having much time to post – or progress with anything – lately. However I can’t say this is my opinion since I’ve unfortunetly only seen the anime. I’m sorry for this, but now that we have a 4-day holiday, I’ll try to get back to writing and being more active as soon as I am able to… Even though I had my holiday, I’m already busy with exams now. But there are some unexpected, but really good things going on… It was quite good actually, especially for a harem one. Another strange part is that I loved Asa and Kaede, whereas I didn’t find the other girls half as interesting. Primula had a nice story, but like from many flat-chested heroines, I got the obligatory loli character-vibe from her. Now that the year has changed everywhere around the globe, I thought I would write a little post on 2009.It was a pretty interesting year for me and very eventful – there were even 2 releases from Lux VNs, , both of which were collaborations in which I worked as an artist.

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Christmas is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus as the new born king.

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