Clay aiken dating reed kelly sex dating in somerville tennessee

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All I can say is there must be some really good sex to keep the Clayman from straying.

I'm totally willing to believe Paulus talked to Clay online, he probably met him when he said he did as well.

I really wish he'd slim down, shape up, and lose the queeny make-up. I think he could be a very well-spoken and respected advocate for gays if he rid himself of the pre-op-looking weirdness.

The guy is a dancer-model and is not the powerhouse in that relationship. Messy" so I don't think that he is going to clean Clay up any time soon.

I'm willing to bet that none of you have ever met Clay. As far as my porn is concerned, I didn't need Clay to do porn- anyone can do a porn. My "bf" will tell you I have NO problem in that area.What do you do, sit outside his house all day hoping for a glimpse of him? Makes clay's revulsion at him even harder to take." Paulus does seem like an idiot,not very bright, must be hard for him tho to see clay so happy with a real bf.And 90 minutes of bad sex after which the other person runs out and refuses to talk to you again doesn't make you an authority on them, it makes you a lousy fuck. First of all, I don't need to sit outside Clay's home to get glimpse nor do I care to. Someone he goes home and fucks whenever he wants to.But to say he's an authority on Clay is preposterous.He was an online hookup, a one night stand, a lousy lay by his own admission, and - again by his own admission - Clay ran out on him as fast as he could and refused to talk to him again.

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He's also obviously obsessed with Clay, or with the notoriety he achieved through his connection to him, as he blogged for years about his meeting with Clay.

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