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Coachella valley chatroom

Additionally, if you create a phony profile on a social media site or assume someone else’s identity in a chat room (for example, to facilitate your online harassment), .

Here’s a look at some of the crimes you may be committing if you start a social media war with someone…

Your “communication” can be made verbally, in writing or through an electronic device, such as commenting on someone’s Facebook page or through text messages.

It includes electronic distribution of the following without the victim’s consent for the purposes of harassment: Using an electronic communication device to cause a person unwanted physical contact is also prohibited.

“Cyberstalking” is online harassment using an electronic communication device.

It is one way to violate California’s stalking laws.

I have worked for many years with children and families going through separation and divorce.

I use current developmental, relational and trauma informed models and frameworks in guiding my therapeutic assessments and interventions.""I have 25 years of experience working with children & their families.

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