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Simulation games attempt to mimic real-world processes and practices, often including tangible goals and progression rewards.

As usual, if you feel as though there's a quality Windows 10 store title is missing from this list, do hit the comments, and we'll throw it in with a future update.

Without further ado, here's some of the best non-goat related simulator games in the Windows 10 store.

Farming Simulator is up there with the most popular simulation games, with versions on Xbox One, PC and various mobile platforms.

Everything in-game happens over time, spanning over 30 years of video game industry history.

As a premium title, Game Dev Tycoon doesn't gate gameplay with micro-transactions.

Bridge Constructor takes place across 40 levels that get progressively more complex.

Since touch controls lend themselves quite well to strategy and simulation games, the Windows 10 store has a pretty decent offering in these categories.You can send either trucks or cars across, gaining bonuses for the extra load.If your bridges fail, however, they'll satisfyingly fall to pieces using the game's exaggerated 3D physics.The passage of events happens in seconds, rather than minutes or hours, leaving you with an addictive game full of things to do and unlock.Game Dev Tycoon launched onto the store as a Windows 8.1 title but works fine on Windows 10 using the title bar hamburger menu to access settings and the like. Download Game Dev Tycoon from the Windows Store (.99 / Free Trial) Bridge Constructor is a wildly popular i OS game that made its way over to Windows 8.1 last year, even grabbing a release on Steam.

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Game Dev Tycoon takes you through a stereotypical game dev career experience.