Consolidating 2 columns excel

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Consolidating 2 columns excel

Starting with the first Phone #, insert a 2 in the helper column, then fill it to the bottom with a step value of 2.Now sort the whole thing on the helper column "ad" wrote: This is probably an easy one, but I have a spreadsheet with thousands of lines & I need to move column B (phone numbers) into column A (addresses) so that the rows are alternating addresses & phone numbers: NOW: address1 phone number 1 address2 phone number 2 I WANT: address1 phone number1 address2 phone number2 thanks in advance for your help!Once combined, you should check for duplicates that existed in each source.Alternatively, you can merge the values of aligned cells, such as combining first and last names, and then locate duplicates based on the combined data.We can do the same procedure for the other two names.

Maybe you have a set of addresses where the street, city and postal code are in adjacent columns but you need to put them together for generating a mailing list.Right-click the column header immediately to the right of the second column and select "Insert" to add a new column, if necessary.As an example, if the data exists in columns A and B, right-click column header "C" and select "Insert." Type the data from the first cells of the original two columns in the first cell of the newly created column.Then fill down to the last row using a step of 2 (Edit Fill Series).When completed, copy the phone #s & paste them BELOW the addresses.

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Fortunately, Excel 2016 (and all prior versions) make it very easy to grab data from many different cells and put it into one.