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Then click on the Signing & Capabilities section and add the i Cloud and Background Modes capabilities.Check the Cloud Kit checkbox, and the Remote Notifications checkbox.I’ll expand on my thoughts on Lotus MVC, and how it ties into a pattern that I’m calling FUMVC (part joke, part serious) to combat against the trend to double down on complexity, at another time.When classic software engineering concepts of high cohesion & low coupling are applied along with SOLID principles, MVC in i OS tends to strike a balance between a particularly well abstracted yet easy to follow architecture.WWDC always gets the blog ideas flowing through my brain, so this little app’s theme is “saving a list of blog ideas”, both locally, and At this point no additional configuration has happened.

To enable full functionality, you need to go to your Xcode project settings.In the rapidly changing software industry it’s essential to keep an extremely open mind, because the lines are really thin between fad and revolutionary.Although I’ve been exploring MVP, MVVM, and VIPER in recent years, none of them have been compelling enough to convince me that they’re less complicated and cleaner than MVC be.Except I usually call it something like a shouldn’t try to everything, if it’s primary purpose is to be highly reusable. I usually use conventionally verbose Apple influenced function names, such as something like .Yet lately I’ve been influenced by my work in React apps and its naming that seems to be influenced by intermediate operations — which seems to be the naming conventions that Apple are moving to as well.

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The beauty of , however, create a schema that matches your Core Data model…yet.

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