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Courtship dating sample

These antisocial tendencies often include domestic violence.Antisocial parents are likely to hit each other and their children and to engage in ineffective parenting.This legitimization perspective suggests that young adults who were exposed to corporal punishment, ( and not simply those who witnessed interparental violence), are at risk for engaging in dating violence (Simons 468).Criminological literature suggests an alternative avenue whereby parents might increase the probability that their children will engage in aggression toward romantic partners.This ineffective parenting increases the probability that their children will grow up to engage in antisocial behavior of all sorts.

The imitation explanation asserts that children learn about romantic relationships by observing interactions between their parents (Simons 468).

The study of dating violence is important for two reasons.

First, such behavior often results in physical and emotional injury.

Unfortunately, there has been little effort to apply this criminological perspective to dating violence.

Growing up in a violent family indirectly increases the probability of dating violence by promoting a generally aggressive orientation toward people (Simons 470).

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