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Cupidsdating com

They also make like on their website they will refund your money, that’s NOT true. Paid for the service, and was unable to make contact with any other " members", whose pictures were shown. I said, “No just cancel.” This was a month ago but I see they billed me twice this month. Then he tries to talk me into a free three month subscription to the site, all the while telling them I did not even want the subscription and wanted my money back. It is comprised of nothing but scammers and the company practices deceptive practices.Kept getting a message to "upgrade" to contact the potential dates. So not only did they keep my money they tried to pull money out today that was never authorized and had to shut down my card from my bank account!! Not only is it full of profiles that you can tell are fake, but their website makes it so hard to navigate to delete your profile! I took out a 3-day subscription to check emails and messages.

Although I also noticed spam coming from them, I have reason to believe there is a much larger network as well stemming from the click banks/click handlers. These guys are back just in time for Christmas/Black Friday with around 500 emails full of that malicious christmas cheer.CID=235089&AFID=230363&ADID=888393&afsrc=1&SID=[/red] Redirects all around Plenty of jump affiliates - [red]hxxp:// Stwh_rb8m Gf Udf JQ0o60N-il2-k Hin Vq GCIb Kd Vtx ITpxmzg61vlt1n7Rj Fxvm UJh3gxy GBy-W9qi Zlt G68Ymuio24K3ZZE0g7Nd-1f VDBws3KOBUh Vkcdts Hw Tee Oe RDQ/ [/red] [red]hxxp:// They seem to be mass-emailing all yahoo accounts starting with g @ G4JC = Thanks for the information and excellent job I know that you did not sign, is like in my case where I get text messages asking if I want to sell my car for junk, sometimes at two in the morning, I own a decent vehicle and I do not see the reason that would make anyone bug the heck out of me, when my cell and land line are registered as do not call Now that Scott is a character .......................aff_id=184&sub1=sv230363&sub2=11_104958811_1b5e4718-372e-4c33-b8ce-141b06c83a44&afsrc=1[/red] Interestingly Zero Margin is a part of Ad Optimizers LLC which was recently a defendant of well-known Scott Richter. I thought that what you do in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas :} I hate spammers Here is a full list of domains, for the first 1000 IP's, some already referenced in this thread, gathered from: AS15170 | .0/20 | Spark Networks Limited - DNS I had rated a few of thse for spam or as I came across them, a few years back.Other Maryville online dating sites charge for memberships, we are 100% free for everything.No catch, no gimmicks, find a single girl here for free right now.

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I don't believe there were any other real people, other than me. My bank notified me when the company made an attempt to take out more than I had authorized and shut down my credit card.

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