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Dating a giant

We are lacking a vital connection that everyone needs in their life which is an emotional connection with someone we’d maybe like to date. Everyone wants to rush to bed with some stranger rather than get to know them. This is how relationships end today and personally, I think it’s a bunch of BS.Then if you get there too fast you, suddenly that person is easy and not, “dating material.” We’re all looking for every reason for something not to work. But when your only reason for that conclusion is because I care too much, you look like a fool.Regardless of its age and identity, the Cerne Abbas Giant has been regarded since Victorian times, at least, as a fertility symbol, due to its erect phallus and testicles.According to folklore, a woman could increase her fertility by sleeping on the giant, whilst having sex on the figure, especially on its phallus, was reputed to be a cure for infertility.

The Cerne Abbas Giant measures 55 meters (180 ft) long and 51 meters (167 ft) wide and was created by having shallow trenches cut in the turf, and then backfilling them with chalk rubble.

But not everyone agrees on the story behind this enormous geoglyph.

The Cerne Giant, also known as the ‘Rude Man’, is one of the best-known hill figures in the UK.

We are conditioned to never be satisfied and constantly be looking for the next best thing. So you settle for the low-key fade out because it’s easier for you. I’ll look at your snap story first every time because I care about what you’re doing and I probably wish I could be there.

It’s the paradox of choice when we have too many options, we are completely frozen and don’t do anything at all. Call me old fashion because I believe relationships should be more than this. Dating today is exhausting and that’s even before you get to a date or a relationship. I’ll swipe right not out of curiosity but rather because I would like to see you.

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This proved positive which confirmed the belief to a large extent that the figure was that of Hercules, the cloak being the lion skin often pictured with images of Hercules in classic times.