Dating a jewish guy the gambia online dating

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Dating a jewish guy

Islam claims some very famous miracles, such as the splitting of the moon.

Realistically, had this happened, everyone on Arabia’s side of the planet would have seen it, yet no one else ever wrote anything about it.

The indoctrination of Islam into the Arab population and the subsequent conquest can surely be interpreted as a fulfillment of that prophecy.

So, when we examine these proofs with even a superficial eye, we see that they do not hold water.

All Bible translations are directly from the Hebrew, all of them literal. The relevant verse of the Torah is as follows: Deuteronomy A prophet I will raise up for them from amongst their brethren like you and I will give my words into his lips and he will speak about them all that I command him.

5) Rapid Conquest—Shortly after Islam began, Muslim armies conquered a great deal of the world in a rather short time.

Muslims attribute this as proof that Islam is true. Alexander the Great conquered what he had thought was the entire world before he died.

Even more so if we were to examine them under greater scrutiny.

————- The Islamic Claim on Deuteronomy 18 “And Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the LORD besides, that we might enquire of him?

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So a paraphrase could be: G-d will raise up for the Israelites a prophet from the Israelites’ brethren some time in the future that will be like Moses and speak the words of G-d. The assertion is that “from amongst their brethren” refers to the Ishmaelites, and as Muslims assert many times, Mohammed is descended from Abraham through Ishmael.

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