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Several years ago I had to get tough with one of my teenage sons, even though it was not easy for me to do.

It happened after he forgot, for the third time, an important meeting he had to attend and called me at the last minute at work to ask for a ride.

I speak from experience because my own Dad was a Momma’s boy.

I remember going to Grandmother’s house during the summer, and she geared everything around him.

It is a mother’s nature to rush to her son’s side when he falls down, and in the early years, her son expects and desires that she will be there.

His expectation and desire usually will change over the years, but a mom’s nature will tend to remain the same. Coddling a son past his infant/toddler years can produce one of two outcomes: a son who is emotionally enmeshed with his mother even in his adult years (a.k.a.

A couple of weeks later they went on holiday and left the Mom in charge of feeding their cat.

When we pulled up in front of the video rental store, I told him that I would wait in the car while he went in to ask if they had the movie in stock.

They simply know that they do not want to be close to them; they rarely call.

As my friend Dave confessed, ‘I hate calling my mom.

She’ll be watching your every move, and no matter what you do, or how hard you try nothing will ever be good enough for her little soldier.

And don’t expect her support when things get rough.

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My goal is to encourage moms to evaluate whether they go overboard in their attempts to protect their boys from doing things that are ingrained deep within their souls.

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