Dating blackbook

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Dating blackbook

Readers can flip through this book to find a particular term or just to get a sense of the variety of abbreviations being thrown around ESEMED (every second, every minute, every day).Singles can consult this book while texting potential dates so they always look like they’re in the know.“This ever-evolving lexicon just keeps growing, and someone has to decipher and deliver it,” Erin said. We may not talk this way, but we definitely type this way, and it’s a strange communication that needs decoding.” We’ll never know who first decided to type “qt” instead of “cutie” or “ilu” instead of “I love you,” but such terms caught on because they save texters time and make the conversation feel more intimate — as if you share a language all your own.

For instance, people who go to school or work from home may not have heard of a HIPPO, which stands for “highest paid person in the office.” It’s fun to read through this list and guess what complex abbreviations like Wo Mo Bi Jo (working mother with a big job) and 142n8ly (unforunately) mean.

“NSFW” and “Texting Terms” deal with slang in different ways.

You’ll find sections on assicons and sexty smiles on “NSFW,” while “Texting Terms” deals with more mainstream slang.

Each exclamation point and word choice can offer a clue into that person’s mindset, so it all goes under the microscope as someone tries to figure out if that person is interested in a relationship — or if it’s time to get someone else’s digits.

Of course, sometimes riddling out what your crush writes means keeping pace with the ever-changing internet and texting slang. Erin Jansen founded Net Lingo in 1995 because she saw the internet changing how people communicated and wanted to create a database to reflect new slang, acronyms, and other jargon.

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