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Dating british made stanley planes

It is not common practice to clean up machine work today.Looking at most surfaces in houses, even on architraves and skirting boards, I see the monotonous ripple left from machines as the light catches the high points exaggerating the rotary cuts.As a bevel-down plane pattern type it is generally used by joiners and furniture makers for forming the occasional rebate and especially for cleaning up machine marks from spindle moulders before finish is applied.As a boy every rebate was cleaned up using one kind of rebate plane or another and this was the one I bought and used.

We're just fans of some of the best tools to come out of Britain in the past 75 years.

When Record Tools acquired the production rights for the planes formally manufactured by Edward Preston & Sons, a number of Edward Preston planes ended up in Record's own product line.

Record Plane Price Guide Find out what each Record plane and spoke shave is worth with this quick price guide. A valuable resource which shows you what you should be paying for a Record hand plane.

How To Date Record Planes Find out when a particular Record plane may have been made.

Though nowhere near as complicated and involving as dating Stanley planes, Record hand planes did have their differences over a 70 year history and some of them are listed here.

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Any item may be returned, in the same condition as it was received, within 7 days of receipt, for a refund. ), position the frog and lever pivot point in between bench vise jaws.

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