Dating gl basses

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Dating gl basses

Electric Guitar Model: left-handed, Body: mahogany, Neck: tinted glossy maple, Fretboard: maple, Nut width: 41 mm, Radius: 12", Pickups: 3 Leo Fender designed G&L MFD single coils made in Fullerton ( CA), 5-Way switch, Controls: 1 volume- & 1 tone...G&L Tribute S-500 VW MN, e-guitar, mahogany body, tinted glossy maple neck with maple fretboard, 41,3 mm nut width, 12" Radius, 3 Leo Fender designed G&L MFD magnetic field design single coils made in fullerton ( CA, USA),5-way switch, 1 volume...Electric Guitar Body: Swamp ash with sound chamber and F-hole, Maple neck with maple fretboard, Nut width: 41.5 mm, Freboard radius: 9", 1 G&L Traditional Magnetic Field Design single coil, 1 G&L Alnico neck humbucker with chrome cap, 3-Way...Electric Guitar Soft maple body, Custom profile maple neck with ebony fretboard, Radius: 12", Nut width: 44.45 mm, 2 Paul Gagon designed humbucker pickups, 1 Volume and 1 tone control, G&L designed saddle lock bridge, Black hardware, Black headstock,...

(I also had one of the first year production model) The Sting bass too had the same basic agenda which also changed from a "Limited Edition" production run to a Artist series production run(Limited edition is a specified short run, Artist is not predetermined run time).

G&L make their American guitars in Fullerton, California. They also have a successful range of Far Eastern instruments known as the Tribute Series.

Both USA and Tribute models share similar types of body designs, pickup options and so on.

The Geddy I have now has a "limited edition" neckplate and a somewhat different looking Geddy signature . The only reference to a "B" serial number is late eighties and the Geddy wasn't mfg'd untill 98. I'm leaning toward it being a first or second year issue. The signature (if I remember right) is bigger or just a little different than my 2004.

The thing I'm having trouble finding out is what year # B009173 is from. Does anyone know particulars about Geddy Lee basses like what year small changes are made or :::: what is a first year Geddy serial number? I wish someone with a Geddy could post pics of the back of the headstock on theirs -- and the neck plate.

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The best way for me to tell if I want to keep a bass is to take it to a gig and see what it does. I turn down the treble a bit and lay into it and see if it has the growl. Lucky maybe, or just not sure what the dead spot is It sounds good w/o the Bad Ass II bridge? Regards, Ton HI found this website on the internet saying it should be from 1998-1999: have a "Geddy Lee" bass and the serial # is s/n B009102 , neckplate "limited edition" and "crafted in Japan". Stroker Vance, do you have more information on the year it's been made?