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But please lads try and keep your ego in check just a little bit!

An upside to this is that if she’s into one dog she will like them all!

The unconditional love from a dog is unlike any other.

One of the most important things our pets can teach us is the importance of knowing where your loyalties lie.

Dogs have a way of teaching people a lot of things about life that we can't teach ourselves.

Being around dogs, or even just dog-related things, is going to make a lot of small moments much happier.

Better yet, you can share them with your girl, who will be soaking up every second of pure doggie happiness.

Sometimes, dog owners may get a bad rep for liking their fur baby more than people.

Once you have a dog of your own, though, you just understand.

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But if you’re dating a dog lover you know that video of a dog on a skateboard is going to put a smile on your ladies face. At least you don’t crap on the carpet…wait you don’t, do you? If someone has been able to show that level of commitment and that unquestionable loyalty to her pet chances are that’s going to ring true for her relationship with you as well.