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Furthermore, we detected an association signal for skin pigmentation within the MFSD12 gene, which is strongest for an Y182H amino-acid variant that is common only in East Asians and Native Americans.

Other variants of MFSD12 have recently been shown to impact on skin pigmentation in Africans.

We find that the MFSD12 region shows significant evidence of selection in East Asians (dated after their split from Europeans) and that the frequency of the Y182H variant correlates with the intensity of solar radiation.

We also explored the genetic architecture of pigmentation in Latin Americans, and found multiple independent signals of association at the 11q14 and 15q23 regions (overlapping GRM5/TYR and HERC2/OCA2), as well as signals of epistatic interactions among independently associated alleles.

In particular, the observation of a decrease in human skin pigmentation at increasing distance from the Equator has been interpreted as resulting from an adaptation to lower levels of ultraviolet radiation, consistent with the tanning response being a physiological skin-protection mechanism.

Interestingly, these signals were observed to only partially overlap between Europeans and East Asians, leading to the suggestion that variation in skin pigmentation could have evolved somewhat independently in Western and Eastern Eurasia.

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These include one novel locus for skin pigmentation (in 10q26) and three novel loci for eye pigmentation (in 1q32, 20q13 and 22q12).

We demonstrate the presence of multiple independent signals of association in the 11q14 and 15q13 regions (comprising the GRM5/TYR and HERC2/OCA2 genes, respectively) and several epistatic interactions among independently associated alleles.

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Strongest association with skin pigmentation at 19p13 was observed for an Y182H missense variant (common only in East Asians and Native Americans) in MFSD12, a gene recently associated with skin pigmentation in Africans.

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