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There are a number of factors which makes certain bottles stand out above the others including the manufacturing date, typography used, the style of glassmaking used, glass colors, base types, and finishes.There are a number of characteristics used to date a bottle.hello gh, this is a great post for people to post there milk of magnesia bottles, your bottle is the oldest ive seen, my bottles read pat aug 21 1906, your bottle is from 1906? I have tried to find the oldest examples that were made. One clear bottle and one light blue bottle, both about 7 inches tall:"CH Phillips New York patented April 29 and July 22 1873".

Historically, people have held on to and passed down bottles of all types, often due to their looks or useful purposes.Bottle collecting is also an important part of the equation for professionals like archeologists and educators of history.There are hundreds of thousands of innovative and uniquely-designed bottles produced in North America starting in the 1800’s and progressing through the 1950’s which are of interest to collectors.The one I have pictured here seems to be the earliest one I have.It is very light blue with a fairly large tooled lip.

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I think it originally read REGISTERED but is peened out pretty well.

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