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It performs a privilege check once every second; if unavailable, the Trojan starts requesting them from the user in an infinite loop: If the user agrees and gives the application the requested privileges, another stub page is displayed, and the app hides its icon: If the Trojan detects an attempt to revoke its administrator privileges, it starts periodically switching off the phone screen, trying to stop the user actions.

If the privileges are revoked successfully, the Trojan relaunches the cycle of requesting administrator privileges.

The Trojan’s with a list of possible values for the User-Agent field for the PAGE command (which downloads the specified webpage).From mid-2016 on, the cybercriminals returned to dynamic generation of lowest-level domains.No other significant changes were observed in the Trojan’s network behavior. Also, in some versions of the Trojan the file names were random strings of characters.At this time, the Trojan also began actively using different methods of obfuscation.For example, the DEX file is packed with garbage strings and/or operations, and contains a key to decipher the main executable file from the APK.

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