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A morning or evening walk around the Kandy Lake with a lush rainforest looming in the backdrop will surely be one of the most peaceful and comforting things to do in Sri Lanka on your tour.

An epitome of artistic brilliance that has stood the test of time, this Buddhist temple reflects a fusion of Indian, Chinese, and Thai style of architecture.

Today I thought it’d be fun to put down all the stuff we hate spending money on. What kind of damn service cleans things without using water? All I understand is that it’s outrageously expensive to clean things, and it just looks like they used a lint roller and a sheet of Bounce to make my sweaters look smooth and smell nice.

Now, I’m perfectly willing to spend lots of money on stuff I love, but not these things (below). Also, I hate people who think they have to dry clean things THAT DON’T NEED DRY CLEANING, or dry-clean all the time. All the BS foods that are designed to make you feel better about yourself rather than actually feeding you.

Other than taking care of the turtles born here, the people of these hatcheries constantly make efforts to locate injured or endangered turtles out there and bring them back for protection and safety.

The Sri Lankan government has taken this initiative to ensure the survival and conservation of these species and their natural habitat.

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Exploring the park and the nearby waterfalls, strolling on the walking trails, and enjoying the thrilling rides, are few of the most interesting things to do in Colombo Sri Lanka when in Colombo.

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