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Now, apparently, it's termed the Asthenic Syndrome.Whatever it is, Nikolai, a teacher of epicly indifferent pupils, has ...

He will be victorious over His enemies and will reign on the earth for 1,000 years (the millennium) with His saints, the church. Read this Biblical wisdom from Billy Graham and Franklin Graham.

At night however, she and a male partner cruise the bars as swingers. He remarked that Roberts even had that intensity while in the waiting room where he was making the other people nervous.

After a time, she begins to believe that a conspiracy exists and decides that she must become a born-again Christian. See more » I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR Performed by The Velvet Underground Written by Lou Reed Used by permission of Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc. Courtesy of Polygram Special Products A division of Polygram Group Distribution, Inc.

A schoolteacher (Miereveld or "field of ants") is entranced by one of his students (Fran). the feeling of being transported to another sphere of existence. the experience of being spirited away to Heaven just before the Apocalypse.

Not being able to have his love fulfilled he tries to escape it and moves house and job. See full summary » This is the story of a young woman (who lives in Los Angeles) with a very boring job. According to Michael Tolkin on the DVD commentary, Douglas Roberts who plays Louis came into the audition with the same intensity the he displays on screen.

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After 1,000 years, living unbelievers and the wicked dead now raised to life will be judged at the great white throne judgment.