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And if this Saudi woman happens to have daughters, the male guardian of her daughters would be their father’s brother, etc.

Yes a mother and her daughters would not even share the same male guardian. Indeed my dear expat, I know how it feels, perhaps even more than you do.

What of an expat’s residence permit, i.e., an Iqama?

During the recent amnesty period, it was noted that many sponsors had not acquired Iqamas, residence permits, for the expats they were sponsoring, although overlooking such a measure is illegal.

Romantic tete-a-tete is a risk but it can depend where you are.Only in the case of there being an adult son would the Saudi mother and her daughters have a united male guardian. For did you know that an expat can go to court without a sponsor for whatever reason while a Saudi woman cannot appear in court as either a litigant or a lawyer without a male guardian, mahram or other man who is legally authorized to represent her?Just recently, a judge asked a Saudi female lawyer to leave the court because she was without a mahram.What happens to an expat if he or she has finished serving a prison sentence? Now, the latest news is that the authorities are “studying” how to force families to take back their women kin after the latter have done time.If a sponsor should die, what happens to the sponsored expat?

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(The new updated travel permit is now computerized enabling a male guardian to use the Internet to log on and alter a Saudi woman’s travel status).