Dating site for dieters dating army special forces

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Dating site for dieters

After losing 25 pounds, Larry Smith got an email saying his grant was approved and a cheque would be mailed to him.

Clients say they weren't told about any connections between the Weight Loss Grants Program and Dalewood when they signed up.

Jenn Granger from Calgary paid Dalewood ,100, lost weight, and met all the requirements in October.

Her grant was also denied based on the rule that kicked in last month.

Go Public has been flooded with messages from some who say when it came time to deliver, the so-called Weight Loss Grants Program wouldn't pay out, or dragged customer claims out for months before cutting a cheque.

During our investigation, we heard from dozens of dissatisfied customers unhappy with the program run by a private, for-profit company.

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Prevost said she lost 50 pounds on her own through diet and exercise and reached her weight loss goal five months early.

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