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Make sure that you are actually interested in listening to her.

Other Russian women are lucky enough to have a decent job and they will still choose to live in their homeland rather than in a foreign country.

The poverty in Russia is rising which makes it very hard to cope up with cost of living and everyday expenses.

Not all of the women are highly paid and some only receive as little as 7,500 RUB (131.85 USD) per month which makes it very hard for them to even manage a budget.

Most people would think that Russian women are very rude, unapproachable, and selfish. Some of them are like that, but it doesn’t mean it will be applied to all women.

In reality, Russian women are very friendly, kind, and fun to talk to if you just know how to properly approach them.


Although Russian women are known for being straightforward, it doesn’t mean they don’t want you to ask questions to them on dates.

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