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Datingsite etno

The archaeological site on its top was occupied during the late prehistory and the Late Roman period.

Remains of circular ramparts run around the flat summit of Gradina.

George in Rovanjska, a town located approximately 10 km from Starigrad-Paklenica.

Ethno-house Marasović is located in hamlet Marasovići, close to the entrance in the National Park Paklenica in Starigrad-Paklenica.

This medieval church is located on the Adriatic highway between Starigrad and Seline.

In the vicinity of the church, there is a graveyard with burial sites dating back to the mid 13th century.

Today they are in ruins, but in places one can still make out ring-shaped embankments up to several metres high in places.

For example, a hill named Gradina (a Croatian word for “hillfort”) rises some fifty meters above the western side of Modrič cove.

They enclose an irregular rectangle 70 meters wide, extending for some 160 meters in the east-west direction.

Violent storms can produce raging torrents, but they will flow for just a few hours.

Ample quantity of rain falls from autumn to spring, but there is a long draught in summer.

They were constructed in modest neoclassical style, characterized by simple, plain shapes, flanked by stone basins for laundry and watering animals.

Many households, especially those in hamlets high up the mountain, did not have their own cisterns, so they had to struggle in various ways in order to obtain the precious potable water.

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Defensive fortifications of drystone (stone walls without mortar or other binding material) known as GRADINE (hill forts) were built in the Bronze and Iron Ages on rocky hilltops and prominent Velebit ridges.

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