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Also, her dad was in Aerosmith and her mom was a stripper.Those are my two favorite occupations, so she’s clearly floating in the deep end of the gene pool. She’s taken on work in last year’s SI Swimsuit Issue, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi’s.However, the tabloids claim that's his modus operandi.claimed the Yankee dumped many of his famous exes for that same reason, including Minka Kelly and Vanessa Lachey (née Minnillo).Remember: It’s okay to be jealous and angry that his life is not your own.But take solace in knowing that all these relationships are in the past, and these women are available for you to court.Lara Dutta won the Miss Universe contest in 2000, which, by their standards, means at one point Derek Jeter wasn’t just dating “a hot girl” or “the hottest girl on Earth,” but “the most attractive woman in the Universe.” Of course, their standards of beauty involve things like baton twirling and discussing world peace and children – many of ours do not. This Victoria’s Secret and SI Swimsuit Issue staple hails from Brazil and is easily in the conversation for the hottest woman in the world.

Jeter told the magazine she honed her nifty talents when she was younger, but even as an adult, her parents won't let her live down her wacky tricks. "People would always say that I have a lot of confidence when I'm playing but really I just look up there and see my mom so I felt a whole lot better," he said.

Regardless, Hannah and Derek clearly overcame that hurdle and appeared to strike a balance between their personal and private lives. This Virgin Islands-born stunner apparently has multiple talents and is a self-proclaimed "oddball" when she's not busy working. Hey, if things don't work out in the modeling industry, maybe she can join the circus!

"I know how to stilt walk, and I also have a unicycle. Sports fans know just how important family is to Derek Jeter.

Since then, she’s rolled back a little professionally, and she even entered a slightly overweight and crazy phase that I found to be really sexy. DJ has enough professional and financial success to share, so don’t sweat it.

But now she’s sort of back to normal, living it up with husband Nick Cannon in one of probably ten thousand houses they own. Just less successful artistically and commercially. Unfortunately, they were only together from 2002-2003, so she’s probably been on her own for a LONG time.

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"At parties they'll say, 'Well, Hannah can [ride a] unicycle. Family is reportedly just as important to his wife, Hannah Jeter.

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