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“I grew up watching games with my dad and watching him play as well, so my dad plays a huge role in my soccer journey. The fact of them attending every single game since I started playing soccer shows the unconditional support they give me and that’s what keeps me going”. “My two favorite players are Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.Zidane for his elegance and Ronaldo for his incomparable work ethic”.

If you are an immigrant, you also run the risk of deportation.“When folks say this is crazy and New York City is going to hell in a handbasket, we are not.It was unclear whether district attorneys in other boroughs are considering similar measures.In Staten Island, the district attorney’s office declined to comment. Clark, called for the State Legislature to decriminalize marijuana.“Decriminalization would ensure fairness for residents of the Bronx and throughout New York State,” Ms. “The piecemeal approach to enforcing marijuana laws county by county creates disparity and will not change the underlying fact that marijuana is still illegal.”A spokeswoman for the Queens district attorney, Richard A.C., and cities including San Francisco and San Diego are automatically clearing old misdemeanor convictions.Both the Manhattan and Brooklyn district attorneys have stopped prosecuting the vast majority of people arrested on marijuana offenses, responding to enforcement policies that ended up targeting young black and Hispanic men.“We must remember those who have convictions on their record based on these cases that we are no longer going to prosecute,” Mr.

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