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Down with dating

“DOWN is still about honest, sex-positive dating, so we’re still the leading pure hookup app,” the DOWN Dating Team said.

“We want to spread sex positivity and honesty and help people worldwide be more successful in their dating lives.” Amber is a Contributing Editor for Dating News.

It’s supposed to be butterflies in the stomach and giggling in the bedroom. DOWN aims to bring the fun back to the dating scene and give online daters a reason to be excited about going out and meeting new people.

DOWN’s tools empower singles to regain control over their love lives by being honest about their wants and needs. The DOWN community doesn’t consider sex a shameful secret, and it rewards honesty.

DOWN may not have any flashy improvements on the docket, but it still intends to wow singles with a polished and streamlined dating experience.

After being strung along, stood up, and jilted, singles can forget that dating is supposed to be fun.DOWN attracts free spirits who resist being tied down by any one person. Much like its users, DOWN operates under a straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is approach to life and love.These singles take pride in their independence and their ability to do what they want when they want. The app’s developers have decluttered the interface and boiled it down to the essentials, so there’s no time wasted on virtual gifts and other excessive features.Singles log in, request dates, find matches, and get chatting. According to Mashable, the’s app’s primary objective is simple, and “its approach has a decidedly frat-boyesque quality that may appeal to a young user base.” But is that enough?DOWN hopes that quality and simplicity will shine through and satisfy users hoping to avoid complications in their personal lives.

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In 2013, DOWN was initially launched as Bang With Friends to give sexually active singles an efficient way to pursue the relationships they truly desire.

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