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Disney just unveiled its line up for Disney , and the follows the adventures of a bounty hunter as the shadow of the Empire looms and the galaxy is in a turmoil of violence and fear. Remember his Machiavellian but doomed character in This is a big step forward in Pedro Pascal’s career.

And, as we predicted back in 2019, this will be his breakthrough year.

Not bad for this man born in Santiago, Chile, in 1975.It will be a TV show and it promises huge doses of action and Latino attitude.If you haven’t got the latest on the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, then you are in for a treat, babes!Our favorite unashamedly herself rapper bagged the Best Hip-Hop award for her smash hit, “Money.” And, before you ask, she accepted the award in true Cardi fashion. In 2009, the world watched with excitement as the U. made history by electing the first Black president to office.“I really want to thank my music video team — first Jora Frantzis — that’s the director,” she said. On the day of his inauguration, however, all eyes weren’t solely on Barack Obama who was being newly sworn in.

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