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And finally, East meets West will share with you their own model on how to ’Break through the glass ceiling’.Ludo Swinnen is a Flemish Belgian, born in 1956 near Antwerp.The Business world remains the ultimate glass ceiling the LGBTI community needs to break through.Despite business being the biggest influencer of social change, by now we all only scratched the surface of its potential.Founded in Vienna, Austria in 2013, East meets West (EMW) is a network of LGBTI professionals from Western & mainly Eastern Europe, allowing the exchange of ideas, share best practices and get mutual inspiration to improve the situation of LGBTI men and women in the different countries.EMW Business pushes the development of local LGBTI business by driving initiatives and offering services: The next International Conference takes place on Friday, June 14.He holds a Law Degree from the University of Leuven (BE) and an EMBA in Finance from the University of New York.After building up his professional career in the insurance business in Belgium, he left in 1998 his home country to become active in the financial world in CZ, SK, RO and Germany, to finally arrive in Vienna, Austria and work there for an international Austrian banking group.

So yeah, I have totally turned into a Californian when it comes to this but I am thankful I don't have to deal with snow anymore.The Conference will tell how to break through this final barrier, this ultimate glass ceiling.The international Conference is the Signature event of East meets West and welcomes people from over 20 European countries and overseas delegations.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookie Policy. I can finally get back to wearing sandals and tank tops 5 days a week instead of being constrained by things like long yoga pants and three-quarter length sleeves. This year in wake of federal budget cuts and furloughs in DC, the sequester has become "The Snowquester." Clever.

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I can almost say that I dislike snow as much as I dislike Taylor Swift. I started watching the "Lost" series out of boredom...which led to me further wasting hours of my life watching that show.