English romances english dating dating partner

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English romances english dating dating partner

Language tandem success Rebecca, 33, from San Francisco, has been in Berlin for six years.

Like Trish, she finds men in the capital sometimes have “Peter Pan syndrome” but looking back, she says, overall it was a positive experience.

The 30-year-old, who’s originally from India, but came to Berlin via Munich and Dortmund a few years ago, describes the German capital as an “expat city”.

“There’s a huge batch of people who come in and go out,” she says.

“At the time, neither of us were specifically looking for a relationship and it just grew into something spontaneously.” ' Men are too comfortable these days' Barbara is looking for a partner after her marriage to her German ex broke up in 2011.

The 72-year-old lives in Frankfurt and says it’s a very single friendly city and “a comfortable environment to be in”.

The events manager said communication could be difficult at times, with things becoming lost in translation.

One German guy who she had jokingly called a “dork” had translated the word to mean “idiot” in a very literal sense.

Every person Trish has gone on a date with in Berlin so far has been German.On Tinder, where she listed herself as bi-curious, she met a woman who’s now a great pal.She’s also become friends with other men and women this way.“I’m hopeful that the relationship will go somewhere,” she says.'650 matches on Tinder and nothing has worked out' For Gi, a content marketing manager who works at a start-up, serious dating is near impossible in Berlin, although she says “sex is easy to find” if you’re looking for casual hook-ups.

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It’s hard out there when it comes to dating, but it’s not all doom and gloom: that’s the picture The Local found as we investigated what it’s like for internationals forming relationships in Germany, whether it’s hook-ups, marriage or lasting friendships. Lost in translation For Trish, a Los Angeles native, Berlin is like “Never Never Land” when it comes to romance.

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