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The player decided Leaf bought this cap from a mysterious tinker.It is the only way Leaf can sleep without waking up screaming.This game was set in the delightful world of is a LARP (live action roleplaying game) with a dark holiday theme, featuring elves as late-stage capitalist slaves to a mysterious workshop. I wrote a little something for i LLOGIKA Studios for an upcoming game project of theirs… A trinket might be anything from a mummified goblin hand, to an indecipherable treasure map.Here there be candy canes, lost souls, and stolen memories. There is a nifty, rollable table of trinkets on p.160 of the .

I’ve been itching to do some live-play online tabletop gaming and finally got my chance. I attended this year’s ECGC as a speaker, giving a talk about the branching trunk of a story arc in interactive media like video games. Today, I’d like to talk to you about trinkets as tiny story engines. Trinkets are odd objects–some mundane, some slightly mystical–none of them powerful or necessarily useful, but quirky story bits.

The entire caper served as a transmedia guerrilla marketing campaign for the announcement of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. I got to work with a setting and characters I first discovered as a teenager (bringing my inner goth geek full circle).

I’m a longtime listener of The Drabblecast, so getting one of my stories recorded there was on my bucket list. Between” can be found on their premium B-Sides show.

I’ve since applied this technique to games I run and games I play in.

In all cases, I’ve found that adding a random, strange object to a character instantly generates fun backstory. Leaf is a wood elf ranger, something of a tragic badass — last survivor of an elven tribe specialized in hunting giants.

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