Fish pool dating Srilanka rooms sex xxx

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Fish pool dating

POF used to be great about a decade ago (I met my wife of 9 years there and went in countless dates with women). I am a 6-7 looking male in my early 40s and I can summarize my experience as: 30% are superficial immature women looking for a Tall Brad Pitt that makes 250k (they stay on the site for AGES waiting, and waiting).55% are FAKE profiles of beautiful women ran by overseas scammers (I heard real women also face this issue with fake male profiles).

Today I can truly say we are still married going on eight years in a marvelous and wonderful relationship!

Hired www recoveryknight .com, was able to trace my suppose born in Michigan Major to west Africa, he was able to get access through the details he provided me and was able to pay back 0,300 and still reported him his government after, this was a lot from where I was. We mostly kept it epistolary until five or six months later when we finally met face to face.

So if you’re going through this get help and get your funds back. We met at a Japanese restaurant, ate and talked until they closed.

The most frustrating part about all of this is that when asked for my phone number "to confirm my account", specifically stated that they do not sell your information to third-party companies; that is fraud!

Of course, there's no way to prove it, and that's why whoever owns this app is obviously making tons of cash.

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If you're single, regardless of your sex or sexual orientation, avoid this app at all costs.