Fort saint john dating

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Fort saint john dating

The city's main amusement park became Pontchartrain Beach.

Huge rec room in the basement with a full bathroom.Spanish Fort, also known as Old Spanish Fort, Fort St. John (Spanish: Fuerte de San Juan del Bayou), is a historic place in New Orleans, Louisiana, formerly the site of a fort and later an amusement park.Archaeological investigations have discovered that the fort location was a site of the Pre-Columbian Marksville culture dating back to circa 300 CE, with continued occupation afterwards.Johnny Bayersdorffer's Jazzola Novelty Orchestra and Johnny Miller's New Orleans Frolicers were also regulars.Starting in the late 1920s, a project reclaimed land from Lake Pontchartrain, extending the shoreline out away from the old fort.

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Louisiana passed back to France and then to the hands of the United States. The land was bought by private developers, and became a popular amusement park, known as "Spanish Fort" or "Old Spanish Fort".