Freechick to hookup

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kasart1964 ( AM): what do you do for a kasart1964 ( AM): was just writing that totosexy5 ( AM): i am into buying and selling of art works kasart1964 ( AM): i work for safeway and i am artist kasart1964 ( AM): i work for an other place to totosexy5 ( AM): i have an art gallery kasart1964 ( AM): that nice kasart1964 ( AM): what kind of works are in there?totosexy5 ( AM): i sell ivoary, carving , wood works, paintings, weaving, sculptors and gold kasart1964 ( AM): here i will show you some of mine ok? kasart1964 ( AM): i do all types of things when i have time kasart1964 ( AM): mostly i work out with swords totosexy5 ( AM): really ?kasart1964 ( AM): no kids totosexy5 ( AM): cool totosexy5 ( AM): do you live alone ?kasart1964 ( AM): yes kasart1964 ( AM): i have a apartment kasart1964 ( AM): i am sueing the guy i bought a house from kasart1964 ( AM): i had a house at one time in other words totosexy5 ( AM): what happened ?

kasart1964 ( AM): i have been online fo a little while doing work kasart1964 ( AM): so do you go to church? kasart1964 ( AM): i go to first chirstians kasart1964 ( AM): i like the calvery churches also totosexy5 ( AM): i am a catholic kasart1964 ( AM): thats good totosexy5 ( AM): so what do you do for a living ?

He also scored five goals in that season's UEFA Champions League and six in the UEFA Cup.

At the end of the season, he was bought by Chelsea as the club's then record signing for £24 million.

Replays showed that he had used his hand to control the ball before scoring the second of his two goals.

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totosexy5 ( AM): yes just dat am alittle bored totosexy5 ( AM): u? kasart1964 ( PM): no put there done by a pro kasart1964 ( PM): but kasart1964 ( PM): do you have any more?

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