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Any son who catches a glimpse of their father having sex is inevitably going to be pretty massively effected by it, but for me this event had even greater significance, it was the day that pretty much changed my life for good.

I couldn't stop thinking about Carla, she was on my mind constantly.

Carla was a hot, curvaceous Brazilian model, tall and long legged with olive skin and sun kissed blonde hair.

Everywhere she went, eyes turned to follow her ass she wiggled her ass in the tight skirts she loved to wear.

I felt like I couldn't control my own mind any more, she was always there.

Finally, I decided that no matter what the consequences, I just had to see Carla's naked body, it was the only thought that consumed me.

Try as I might, though, I couldn't get another glimpse of it for real or another sight of her taking my father. But, what I did do was start to think how little I really knew about Carla, who she was, where she had come from.

My dad had told me that she was a model and I had accepted this pretty readily, I mean she was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on so it wasn't hard for me to imagine her modelling.

That's right, my gorgeous new stepmother wasn't a beautiful girl at all, she was a shemale!One day, I got home from my job early and the house seemed empty and deserted, but as I walked upstairs I began to hear moans coming from the bedroom and began to guess what that would mean.Carla would be there, exposed in all her naked beauty, having sex with my father.Even at work in shelf stacking summer job, I was distracted all the time by my thoughts of what it would be like to stick my cock deep inside that hot Brazilian body where my dad had been before.I knew it was wrong to think that way about my stepmother but what could I do?

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