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Frieds reunited dating

Well, it looks like our prayers may be answered as Jen-An hinted at a possible reunion. You know what, because, listen, I told you this: I would do it. On the Ellen De Generes Show, Jen was asked if she'd consider reprising her role as Rachel Green.

But the labels on what my ex and I have are irrelevant—we aren't what we aren't, and we are what we are. We share long philosophical conversations about life and marriage and emotional intelligence and success. In reality, The Ex and I actually being hasn’t been an option in this iteration of our relationship. Given that we've dated before, it may sound like we're heading toward something more serious.I’m not afraid to hurt his feelings by stepping on his ego, and he’s not afraid that being honest might step on mine.Since we’re freed from telling each other what we want to hear, we can simply tell each other the truth, and that conversation is ongoing.

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The success of my situation hinges on the fact that my ex and I are both in transition.

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