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You can also reach this point via your Goodreads group, by clicking on the Moderator Tools & Guidelines, followed by the link to the Facebook Tab Page.Once the app is added to the page, you need to navigate to that page in Facebook, click on the Goodreads tab and choose your settings.But not many people realise how further options work, even though it’s as simple as adding any other app, like Pinterest to a Facebook Page Most curators of visual content have a Pinterest account and either a Facebook account, page or group.Today we'll focus on connecting Facebook Pages and Pinterest accounts; however many of these ideas could be used....You can always use the Goodreads app to connect another existing Facebook Page that you admin, however, each page can only be connected to one Goodreads item, such as a group or author page.Go to the Goodreads Page on Facebook, click the gear icon and choose “Add To Page” and choose the correct page from the list.This will bring in a lot of data to Facebook and set up the book section of your timeline quickly.

Currently I have running a recipe in IFTT that posts a tweet whenever I finish a book on Goodreads.

Many of us like to bring that information to where most of our friends will see it: Facebook. Go to the Goodreads Page on Facebook, click on the settings gear icon and choose to install the app.

It’s not just for personal use though, as Goodreads-Facebook integration also works really well for businesses, groups and authors. Then, connect your Goodreads profile with your timeline.

Now, if only Facebook would allow apps to integrate with groups.

Then we could bring our secret Goodreads groups into our secret Facebook groups.

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For instance, if you are sharing too many updates with Facebook and you’d like to minimise their number.

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