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I can hear she's in the bathroom fixing up and I'm facing the inevitable truth that I have to get up for the 3 hour drive back home. Then she reaches into her purse, grabs an envelope and hands it to me. her response "Oh, it's payment for your services? It turned out I just fucked the Groom's Mother. Lines like "If you ever fucked my Mum, I'd kill ya! When I was 40 I met this 20 year old girl at a party.In the envelope, there's about £1500 or so in £20s. Epilogue to that story, I got dressed went down to the canteen to grab a cup of tea. I honestly have no idea if he knew and I'm trying to completely evade the whole subject. She was a cute little thing, a college student studying electrical engineering, played volleyball and was in a sorority.An FWB kind of relationship is probably what I am looking for. Don’t want to be your Mom or check up on you all... We could chat on instant messengers and then meet....My friends mother who must have noticed we were now alone began flurting with me.I recall her saying something like, "I bet you get all the girls" to which I bashfully replied, "no, i've never had a girlfreind." The conversation led to her asking me to go to her bedroom with her. I went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water onto my face and decided it was something I should do.

Anyway, I was incredibly lucky with the girls at that point; I guess being a bassist playing a wedding does it for some girls?

One night she calls and invites me too come hang out with her at a mutual friends house, I have nothing planned so I go.

As soon as I come in the door she is all over me, hugging and hanging on me.

As there were no other persons of interest that evening, I went with it.

We ended up back in her room after the night was done and she was possibly not only the most awesome fuck I've ever had, she was incredibly easy going and funny.

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In the room, I was confronted with 4 members of my band fairly loudly cheering, saying "Go on my son! I have no idea why but she somewhat pursued me for nearly 6 months.

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